Tax Payer Relief Letters

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Taxpayer Relief Letters is a collections consulting and letter writing service only. The content of relief applications becomes the legal property of the purchaser. All rights, responsibilities and obligations of use are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Narrative content written by Taxpayer Relief Letters is based on the information provided to us by purchasers. Accuracy or validity of information provided to us including any supplementary documents included with an application for relief from penalties and interest, are the responsibility of the purchaser. Decisions or occurrences resulting from false or inaccurate information that has been provided to us are the responsibility of the purchaser. Taxpayer Relief Letters offers no legal or accounting advice.  Purchasers are provided with expertise and writing services only, not representation. Frank Flynn and Taxpayer Relief Letters do not represent or speak on behalf of purchasers. Writing services are limited to assisting individuals or companies construct narrative content for applications to Canada Revenue Agency for relief from tax related penalties and interest as prescribed in the Income and/or Excise Tax Act(s) of Canada. Taxpayer Relief Letters does not guarantee relief from penalty and interest, immunity or amnesty from taxation or collection proceedings.

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