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How the Taxpayer Relief Service Works
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CRA Penalty and Interest Relief

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Call us or Click on the Contact us tab and send us an e-mail. Let us know the periods when penalty and interest charges were incurred and roughly how much of each. If you’re e-mailing, include a daytime contact phone number only. DO NOT include tax account numbers, or other confidential information.

When we get your e-mail, we’ll call you. You’ll tell us how the charges came to be applied and a bit about the circumstances. We’ll listen and take notes. We might ask some questions for clarification. Once we understand the facts, we’ll be able to tell you the cost to write a relief letter. If you (or your client) are interested in purchasing our services we’ll start working. We’ll e-mail you an invoice when your relief application is ready. Once our invoice has been paid by e-transfer, the application text will be sent directly to you via e-mail in either WORD or PDF format. If you are an accounting or legal practitioner, you may pay by cheque via regular mail.

You’ll receive a clear, concise and compelling penalty and interest relief application that states the case for remission, reduction, or waiver of penalties and interest. Applications for relief from penalties and interest often require supplementary documentation. Canada Revenue Agency may ask for Income and Expense, Asset and Liability statements, letters from medical practitioners, or other information that will support the case. Success may depend on the taxpayer’s ability to obtain or assemble this information. Relief requests are written as though the application is coming from you (or your client). When it comes to Taxpayer Relief, in most cases, taxpayers themselves are their own best representatives. Before you call, take a moment to familiarize yourself with some critical information. What tax years are involved? Roughly how much is owed in Tax, Penalty, Interest? Which revenue types are involved, Personal Income Tax, Corporate, Payroll, G/HST?

Once you have the relief text, you may want to include the CRA’s RC4288 form with it. That form can be found at

If you’re looking for tax solutions concerning a CRA collections matter, consulting services are provided on an hourly basis.


“ Hi Frank, I have reviewed the letter you prepared and would like to thank you for your efforts and advice in the matter. I believe your insight and experience in preparing this letter will help convey my message in an appropriate manner to the personnel that will be considering my file.”

Thanks, L.K.