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What is Taxpayer Relief?

On a fairly consistent basis, I’m met with blank stares when I tell people I am a consultant and writer, specializing in Taxpayer Relief. Most people have no idea what the term means. And why would they? Unless you’ve got a tax problem, chances are you’d have no...

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Canada Revenue Agency Fairness Legislation

You may have heard the term “Fairness” in reference to Canada Revenue Agency’s Taxpayer Relief Guidelines. You might wonder why that is. Well, the answer is quite simple really. When the provisions were introduced, the taxpayer relief legislation was originally called...

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Best Practices for Taxpayer Relief

You wouldn’t be the first person to do a Google search for Taxpayer Relief examples. You won’t be the last either. The problem is; taxpayer relief application examples harvested from the internet are template solutions to problems that are usually quite specific....

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Frank Flynn

During more than a decade as a Senior Enforcement Officer with Canada Revenue Agency, I reviewed countless taxpayer requests for remission of penalties and interest. In my role as an Enforcement Officer… [MORE]

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