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About Me

I understand that not everyone has the time, legislative knowledge, or language skills to put together a compelling taxpayer relief case. I can help.

01. Strategic

Before you communicate with Canada Revenue Agency, think hard about what they might ask you. Will you know how to answer? Let me guide you.

02. Professional

I’ve remained in business because my clients consistently benefit from the advice I provide. I’ve saved my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

03. Knowledgeable

As an ex-CRA collector and taxpayer relief adjudicator, I know what works and what doesn’t. What TO say and what NOT to say.

Frank Flynn

During more than a decade as a senior Canada Revenue Agency Collections Officer, I reviewed countless taxpayer requests for waiver of penalty and interest, and handled G.S.T., Source Deductions, Corporate and Personal Income Tax collections, as well as Bankruptcy and Insolvency cases. Having trouble collecting your accounts receivable? I wrote a how-to book on the subject. Ask me about it.

In addition to my work in Credit and Collections I’ve also published plays, essays, and articles in various national and international publications. Taxpayer Relief Letters combines my experience as an Enforcement Officer with my skills as a writer in a way that helps my clients make their best case for relief from penalties and interest.

I hold a joint major Bachelors Degree in English Literature and Cultural Studies. I understand all too well that not everyone has the time or language skills to put together a compelling case for taxpayer relief. I can help. Don’t be shy. Send me an e-mail or call and we’ll chat. If you’re looking for information from the Agency, their website can be found at