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Taxpayer Relief Letters provides expertise and specialty writing services to Canadian taxpayers and their accounting or legal representatives. We specialize in the Taxpayer Relief Legislation, and the procedures and protocols required for requesting remission, reduction, or waiver of penalty and interest. We write customized penalty and interest relief requests as well as applications for acceptance of late, amended, or revoked elections; and applications for refunds or reductions to amounts payable that are beyond the normal three year period.

I’m a former Canada Revenue Agency Complex Case Collections Officer and adjudicator of Taxpayer Relief requests. As a former CRA collections officer I also provide consulting in the area of CRA Collections Division policy and procedures. Our clients are located in every province and territory in Canada.

Fees for relief texts are based on the degree of complexity involved in making a case, the amount of penalty and interest owing, and the amount of time required to construct the application. Our goal is to provide you with Tax Solutions you can afford. Contact us and tell us a bit about the situation and we’ll let you know exactly how much it would cost to write a relief application. Depending on the amount of penalties and interest at stake, using Taxpayer Relief Letters may be a wiser choice than attempting to write an application on your own. Collections consulting services are provided on an hourly rate.

If you’ve previously been denied relief, you are within your right to re-apply to the next level. Frank Flynn and Taxpayer Relief Letters write applications for any level of request- 1st level submissions, 2nd level submissions,  and Judicial Reviews.

As a former adjudicator of taxpayer relief requests, I use my knowledge of the legislation, and my skills as a writer to ensure that taxpayers are making the best possible case for relief.

Call us at (705) 745-5354 or Send us an e-mail with your contact number and we’ll speak with you on the phone. Once we have the facts, we’ll construct a relief application narrative that maximizes the strengths of your case.

Other Services

Notices of Objection, Director’s Liability Due Diligence Defense Submissions, Audit Correspondence, Appeals Correspondence, CRA Formal Service Complaints, Collections Consulting

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